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Everyday thousands of shoes are produced from a variety of different materials. Each footwear product (and each size) requires different pattern pieces to be created, which inevitably leads to material waste. Annane takes that waste (leather, plastic or fabric) and gives it new life on other footwear products. Each new Annane product is manufactured using 100% recycled material content for the upper patterning and our patented Leathsoles for the sole/bottom unit.



Consumers are given the opportunity to fully customize their footwear product by choosing the shoe model, upper material/color, lining material/color and outsole. Each product is then manufactured exactly as outlined by the customer, creating a signature product unique to that customer.


Upcycled Leather Products & Accessories



Annane is the first brand to collab with Leathsoles, a concept that utilizes leather scraps and recycled plastic or rubber in order to build 100% sustainable outsoles for your shoes.  

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