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Upcycled Leather Products & Accessories

Merake was born from a desire to do something driven by our soul, creativity and love. A dream to create something unique from leather waste, that is otherwise destined for landfill.

Our mission is to bring new purpose to leather waste. What once was a flap, now is a new part, what once was waste now is fashion.

Initially the objective was to make-use of leather waste, but why limit these projects to just leather use. There are other forms of waste that end up in landfill, if not given another purpose. We give it that purpose, transforming waste into usable products. Simona Tanning and Grinvald have partnered with Merake to make this vision a reality.

Through continuous innovation in design and development, and with sustainability an unflinching priority, together we can make strides for a better tomorrow.

Our work ways:​

  1. Utilising different types of waste to develop new products;

  2. Partnering with and representing companies that create products from waste;

  3. Merake unique collection.

You can find all these information on our website: from developed products and customisable options to company partnerships and their stories.

As we grow and move forward to the future with new products, technologies and creations, we will remain conscious of sustainability as we thrive to build a better tomorrow.

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Giving Back
Giving Back

More than turning Merake into a reality, we also want to give-back to society in some way. Together with GTS and Simona, we have chosen 4 (of 17) UN Sustainable Developments Goals to directly contribute to by partnering with the following organizations: Daughters of Cambodia, Handa, Charity: Water, UNDP: Zero Hunger. We vow to continuously incorporate practices in line with these directives as we work for a better future


"We can't do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good we can do"

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