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Simona is a 16 years company that carefully measures every business decisions, and actions, from an economic, technical, social and ecological standpoint to ensure we are a leader in the leather industry. Social and ecological sustainability takes root in everything we do, from employee and customer relations, society and community growth, our supply chain and environmental impact.

We are always looking for new ways to repurposing our leather waste, and we decide to partnership with Merake as we believe this is an amazing way to up-cycle this waste into consumer products.




​GTS group was established in 2009 to provide end-to-end production solutions in China and Europe – with a focus on manufacturing precision plastics & stainless-steel molds. After working in the manufacturing industry for many years, the company now focuses on avoiding and minimizing any type of waste materials within its value chain. 

GTS  is a proud member of the G7 Fashion Pact and is actively working towards increasing sustainability within the fashion industry. 


In 2017, Grinvald Footwear was established under the GTS Group as their shoe division. The company focuses on circular design and recycling practices in their footwear manufacturing. In 2019 they launched their own sustainable brand called Roxan, with a focus on making a fully recycled-material footwear collection. Roxan partnered with Merake to specialize in recycle leather articles and products.


Grinvald not only partners with Merake to produce custom and unique products, but also introduced us to their Stone Box technology, and other products, represented on the website. Additionally Simona, GTS and Merake worked together to develop LeathSoles, another product line that can be found on the website




The partnership between Roxan and Merake was born from two company directors driven by the same goal and passion to reduce waste by creating further value from it. The two brands are based on the same circular production process re-using leather, plastic and rubber waste.


Pursuing green fashion, and combining their two skill-sets; one from the world of leather, and the other from shoes and rubber, in order to create fashionable and recyclable footwear collection along with other accessories made from recycled content.

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